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Brian Smith 05-27-2020 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by oliver1850 (Post 2707094)
Still don't have an answer but there's another Meivici currently on eBay that has the MG code.

Meivici GS used the MG prefix, which came later than the original MV, also carried on for use with the later Meivici SE designation models.

oliver1850 05-30-2020 03:25 PM

Thanks Brian.

VitSports6 07-30-2020 03:22 PM

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Hello all, first post here, I purchased a Serotta Legend Ti a little over a week ago and I love it! Its my first real go fast bicycle.

S/N CTI 54 3932

It has Campagnolo Record 10 groupset, Reynolds carbon fork Mavic Ksyrium SSC SL wheelset, I'm not sure what all my have come from the factory, I like that it has a badge as well.

oliver1850 08-04-2020 02:52 PM

Concours Ti Cyclocross CX is coded CU.

bob_in_pa 08-05-2020 02:43 PM

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New Colorado II owner here and thought I'd share some of the details. Serial number is SC65 3355, TT is 62cm. It has S-bend chain stays, "web" bottom bracket shell, and half lugs/fillet brazed joining on both ends of the TT. The color is Samurai Orange with white panels and silver decals. The fork is a color matched F1.

The frame is in immaculate condition for it's age with only a few chips, mostly from chain slap, and some rub marks from shifter cables. On the TT there's a label of unknown origin that reads, "1993 Custom Serotta Colorado II Frame Large Lugged Steel Samurai Orange 21440 999".

I'm not sure what the significance of the label is since I don't believe the were making the Colorado II in 1993. The frame is missing the tubing decal and I don't think I've ever seen a Serotta with a paneled paint scheme. Could it be from a repaint?

If anyone can shed some light on this frame I'd appreciate it. I can't wait to get it built and on the road.


Pics added.

soccerbj1171 08-07-2020 08:54 PM

New Serotta Owner - Trying to Figure Out Model
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Hey everyone,

Been reading the forum the last few days since I picked up my first Serotta. I was trying to figure out what model I have but I couldn’t find it. I saw back in 2011 in the thread that someone else had a “BR” labeled S/N but didn’t see any pictures. Anyways, thought I would throw up the pictures and see what you all think.

As you can see in the pictures, the only Serotta marking I see is on the side of the front fork. The Serial number is BR5815. Only other marking on the bike is the tube manufacturer. Please let me know what you think. Loving the way the bike is riding so far! I have been on a Giant TCR Alliance (part Carbon / part aluminum) and this thing is a much smoother ride.

dave thompson 08-07-2020 10:29 PM

Your bike doesn’t look like a Serotta to me. Does the bike have the Serotta “S” stamped on the rear brake bridge? If it does it’s a Serotta. If not it’s something else.

Serotta’s serial numbering was very different than what is on your bike.

mokofoko 08-09-2020 05:03 PM

What does that materials decal say? Sandulc seamless titanium? Couldn't find anything on google

dave thompson 08-09-2020 05:13 PM


Originally Posted by mokofoko (Post 2773375)
What does that materials decal say? Sandulc seamless titanium? Couldn't find anything on google

Sandvic,a titanium tubing supplier.

I don't know if Serotta ever used that tubing but they never put someone elses' brand on their bikes other than Columbus.

mokofoko 08-09-2020 05:35 PM


Originally Posted by dave thompson (Post 2773383)
Sandvic,a titanium tubing supplier.

I don't know if Serotta ever used that tubing but they never put someone elses' brand on their bikes other than Columbus.

Ahh, looks like you're right (certainly does look like "vic"), though I'm only finding hits for "sandvik" online (with decals to match that spelling). I'd heard of some Russian-made frames that were sold as serottas in the 2000s... not sure what serial prefix they used.

soccerbj1171 08-09-2020 09:37 PM

BR Serial Number
Thanks for the feedback.

The material stamp is Sandvic 3al 2.5v seamless titanium, which is a large titanium supplier.

I checked the brake bridge but do not see any Serotta marks. Only Serotta mark I can find is the one on the side of the front fork.

On page 9 of this forum, another member Alli asked about BR serial number but there wasn’t much else.

soccerbj1171 08-09-2020 10:21 PM

Dave - I think you are right the more I look into it. I found this bike and it looks much more similar to what I have. Looks like it might be made by TST which was the bike manufacturing line for Sandvik. Gonna keep digging to see if I can match the serial number.

dave thompson 08-09-2020 10:24 PM

TST was the maker I was trying to think of. They were pretty active at the start of Ti frames in the 90s. TST was generally well thought of.

oaklandhillsca 08-17-2020 11:28 AM

Year of Serotta build
SN is CTi57 3632 - with this information can the rough build year be identified?

oliver1850 08-30-2020 04:31 PM

There is some mid 2000s Legend serial number information here:

Still looking for numbers closer to yours.

Here's a thread on #3136. Consensus was that it is probably built in 2000.

Guessing that yours would be 2001 or 2002. Fork and frame details might pin it down closer.

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