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trener1 08-22-2020 09:05 PM

Thanks, yeah I have heard of those guys.

Woodstock and the Ashokan reservoir are both almost an hour drive from where I am, they do indeed sound good, but I am hoping to ride out the door or at least with very minimum drive time.


Originally Posted by Ti_on_Steel (Post 2781374)

These guys run a training camp, guided ride, weekend getaway cycling program from near the Ashokan Reservoir. I've never been, but it looks great. They do guided day rides as well.

There is also the new Ashokan Trail, which looks like nice gravel.

Overlook Bikes in Woodstock also do group rides.

trener1 08-22-2020 09:10 PM

I should have mentioned that I have figured out a few good routes, I will be up here for 2 more weeks, if anyone feels like dropping by and doing a ride I'd be happy to lead/show you around.
Some great though less known riding up this way (maybe I should keep it a secret :0 )

efixler 09-02-2020 08:10 PM

Look up the Cross Mountain Crusher route on RideWithGPS.

There are lots of spots in that area where dirt roads go over hills that you can connect with paved roads in the flats. Fun riding!

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trener1 09-02-2020 09:12 PM


Thanks, yeah I took a look at that route, and I actually happened to drive over Cross Mountain road, it's pretty steep and chunky, and my Gravel bike is out of commission, I think it's a bit to chunky for my road bike.

10speedcognitio 11-22-2020 08:51 AM

haven't seen this posted yet:

He has a top-notch archive of rides all in and around that area. Also good source of mid-century modern design inspo.

I also second The Catskill Collective - That's my good friend Russ and he's got a beautiful home near Phoenicia deck for riding pleasure.


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