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Dave 07-27-2019 11:07 AM

AXS chain with Campy
I just got my 15 year old LOOK KG461 outfitted with Chorus 12. I used a SRAM 12 AXS chain. A brief ride showed no problems. Shifting was fast and accurate.

I also figured out that Campy's instructions for chain length are not correct if you have the new 48/32 crank. A 55 inch chain will hang loose in several of the smallest cogs. With chainstays on the shorter side of the 405 to 417mm range. A 54 inch chain easily wrapped the big/big. This makes sense, because the 32/11 requires a half inch less chain than a 34

The 55 inch Campy chain on my Colnago with 404mm stays hasn't caused a problem, but when I get a chance, I will shorten it. I've got a couple of KMC 12 speed quick links coming, to try out. A sram axs link seems awfully tight. Another option is to push out the Campy joining pin and install a new one with the shortened chain.

I've also measured a SRAM eagle 12 chain, that's .006 inch wider across the inner links than an axs. The axs is about .002 inch thinner than a Campy 12 chain. That would make the axs link too narrow for a Campy chain.

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