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Keith A 08-01-2014 11:12 AM

READ FIRST: "WHY YOU CAN'T POST" & other Rules for posting in the Classifieds
This classified section isn't for anyone who makes their living selling bike stuff. This is a friendly place occupied by people who love the sport and hobby of cycling. Lets all do our best to keep this spirit alive in the Classified section of our great Forum.


1.) If you are a retailer or manufacturer, you may not advertise your products or services on this forum. No exceptions (except for our vendors and sponsors).

2.) You may not advertise other websites, via posts, PMs, or signatures. The purpose of this rule is to prevent careless spammers from abusing our forum. This also is intended to prevent posts of a competitive nature. These posts will be edited or deleted, with or without notice, and the members may be banned.

A link to a great bike deal on ebay or Craigslist is fine. But, please do not post your own ebay or Craigslist links until you have tried to sell the item(s) in the Classifieds first for at least a week. And, if you do place a link in your classified thread, please offer our Forumites a discount if they buy from you. Also, any links to websites where there are "benefit points" for referrals will be deleted.

3.) Any Forum members will not be allowed to post a message (new or responding to an existing one) in the Classified section until they have at least 30 postings in the other sections of the Forum and have been a member for at least 30 days. We have enabled the forum software from vBulletin to enforce this rule, and you will see a message stating that you do not have permission to access this page if you try to post in the section before you are allowed to do so. NO EXCEPTIONS so please do not ask. If it is determined that a new member is trying to "speed post" their way to the 30 post threshold they risk having their post count reset to zero by the Mods.

And, as an addendum to this, after you have reached the 30 post mark, please continue to post in the General Topics sections of the Forum and not only in the Classifieds section. We ask this because we want to keep our Forum a thriving community and not just a place to sell bike parts for free.

Help us keep this place great by contributing!

4.) No non-cycling related items can be sold in the Classified section.

5.) Please post an asking price for all items offered for sale. This helps everyone understand the seller's expectations, and cuts down on unnecessary banter within the thread. It should also go without saying that we want to discourage "bidding" on items posted here. Including an "OBO" caveat is also a good way to obtain offers on the asking price.

6.) As a seller, please do not request that payment be made via Paypal "gift." Requesting that a buyer provide reimbursement for PayPal fees is fine, but asking or encouraging a buyer to evade PayPal's terms of service by "gifting" funds is not permissible. Buyers should take note that sending funds as a "gift" also may forfeit any protections that PayPal may provide.

7.) The Paceline Forum takes no responsibility for transactions between members. It provides no warranties, express or implied, and does not guarantee that goods offered in the classifieds for sale or exchange are safe, as described, or will be delivered in a timely fashion if at all. If you buy or sell goods in the Forum's classified advertisements, you so so at your own risk. Caveat emptor.

8.) Paceline Forum moderators will not mediate disputes between parties engaging in transactions facilitated by classified advertisements.

Thank you,

The Mods
27 June 2014 -- Increased required post count to 30.

Keith A 04-06-2015 12:28 PM

Not one of our rules, but here's a guide on how not to buy a stolen bike online...

AngryScientist 07-22-2018 07:07 PM

As suggested by lots of forum members:

It is highly encouraged, when a listing you have placed is sold, edit the title of the post to :SOLD. (after the original subject line)

this will probably reduce the number or erroneous PMs you get about an item and enable other members who are searching for something to weed out sold items quickly.

it's a simple way to keep things a little tidier here...

AngryScientist 08-27-2019 10:44 AM

Addendum: Let's make common courtesy more common.

Recently, we have been made aware of a few instances where folks have been interested in purchasing an item here, asking some preliminary questions and then going radio silent.

Please realize that none of us are professional buyers/sellers here (well, except our vendors...) and that we all value our time. If you initiate a conversation with someone, close the loop. A simple "no longer interested" or whatever goes a long way so the other party knows it's OK to move on.

It's just a matter of treating people well, and having consideration of their time and energy. Let's all do the right thing, and bring common courtesy to the forefront.



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