View Full Version : Question for 29er Aficionados?

08-25-2011, 12:38 PM
I have a hardtail Ti 29er, size M (18 inch), that I purchased four years ago. Prior to buying the bike, one thing I noticed right away was the limited top tube standover clearance. The LBS I purchased from said that was a design limitation of the 29er format and most bikes in this category have limited standover clearance. Currently, I have about an inch of TT clearance when I straddle the TT with feet on the ground. I am 5'10" with a normal-for-my-size inseam. Is limited standover clearance a design limitation of the 29er format, still today, four years later? Is 1 inch of standover clearance about right for someone my size on a 29er?

Thank you in advance.

Mr Cabletwitch
08-25-2011, 01:21 PM
As long as I can clear the top tube I don't worry about it very much. Honestly how often do you stand over the bike vs. riding. Top Tube length is what matters most. I honestly couldn't tell you how much standover I have on my Niner MCR and I just rode it this morning. I think your worrying about nothing.

I'm 5'9" and ride a medium MCR 9, it should have more standover than your 18 inch frame. You could always just trade me your Ti frame :banana:

With that said there are bikes that have bends in the top tube, like the the Soma Juice (sorry only one that I've owned). I know niner is making a new air9 with hydroformed aluminum tubes that should have more standover clearence. There are plenty of options out there, you could even go as far as having a custom done. I think the SIREN John Henry which is a ready made custom or full custom has a dip in the top tube.