View Full Version : FS Campagnolo Super Record 34t chainring

09-03-2010, 05:19 PM
One more piece that should go.

When I took my Pegoretti in to the shop the other day to fix the hanger and derailleur issue I also asked them, since they were going to have it there to swap out the 34t ring for a 36 T ring that I brought in. ( I HATE Torx bolts).

( The rest of the story is here:


still available BTW )

Well, they swapped out the ring, put on the 36T Record ring I brought in, and the wrench threw out the 34T ring (?!).

So they got in a new 34T ring for me, which I don't want ( I swapped it for the 36 for a reason), so here it is - 34T Super Record inner ring for 110 mm BCD Campagnolo Compact.

The box hasn't even been opened.

$90 shipped. (??)