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07-29-2010, 10:05 PM
There recently have been some posts of copyrighted photos and articles to this forum, and I thought I'd take the opportunity to explain why members of this community might want to be more vigilant about not posting such material.

Wired Magazine, in an article entitled Newspaper Chainís New Business Plan: Copyright Suits, recently reported that:

Borrowing a page from patent trolls, the CEO of fledgling Las Vegas-based Righthaven has begun buying out the copyrights to newspaper content for the sole purpose of suing blogs and websites that re-post those articles without permission. And he says heís making money.
. . . .

Gibsonís vision is to monetize news content on the backend, by scouring the internet for infringing copies of his clientís articles, then suing and relying on the harsh penalties in the Copyright Act ó up to $150,000 for a single infringement ó to compel quick settlements.

Read More http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/07/copyright-trolling-for-dollars/#ixzz0v7vfzaES

This business model is not limited to newspaper content, and I can assure you that copyright "strike suits" are becoming more and more common.

To avoid copyright issues, some good rules of thumb are:

(1) Do not copy-and-paste entire articles into this or any discussion forum. When referencing a copyrighted work, post a short excerpt (a few sentences or paragraphs) with a link back to the original work. This more than likely constitutes a "fair use" of the work.

(2) Do not post photos without permission (unless you are certain that they are in the public domain). Photos belong to someone -- frequently a photographer who earns money by licensing or selling rights to his/her work. No one is expected to work for free, or have their work publicly disseminated without authorization and thereby rendered commercially valueless. If you don't buy this, you might want to talk to some of the professional photographers who frequent this forum.

While some here may not be concerned about being sued personally, you could be exposing Serotta to liability by posting copyrighted material to this forum. I, for one, would hate to see Serotta close this forum to avoid such exposure.

Ahneida Ride
07-29-2010, 10:14 PM
Amen !!!!!!

07-30-2010, 08:43 AM
Are LolCat pics copyrighted? oh noes!!