View Full Version : 19" Serotta cro-mo MTB w/ King, XT $1150

02-21-2005, 03:03 PM
A beautiful steel mountain Serotta built up with nearly new 8-speed XT groupo, King headset, Marzocchi bomber fork, Ti stem, V-brakes, and disc mounts on both frame and fork. Flite seat, Control Tech post Middleburn cranks (very nice!), brand new rear tire and almost new front tire. I have pictures if you are interested.

19" c-c seat tube, 23.5" effective top tube, 72.5 degree seat angle, 71.5 head angle, 16.75" chainstays.

The story of this bike: Bought new by a friend who soon found it a bit too big. He used it as a touring bike, but felt that rim brakes did not offer enough stopping power for a loaded touring bike down big hills here in California, so he had the disc mount fillet brazed on. And of course a new paint job was required. Simple durable green powder coat. He never toured with the bike again, and bought my Bontrager for a mountain bike. Eventually I thought I'd like to try my hand at the Serotta, so I bought the frame from him. The top tube is a tad shorter than my Seven so I stuck with my Seven. I must say (as salesman as it may sound, it is the truth, at least acording to my oppinion) this is one of the most magnificently tuned bikes ever made. It is brutally stiff in the drive train, yet as vertically supple as a Ti bike. Handling is precise, yet stable. Blah, blah, blah, the bike is amazing as speaks for itself. All the parts are either new or in perfect shape. Decals are new, and the frame is suspension adjusted. If you have any questions feel fre to contact me at chilly_bill@hotmail.com.

02-22-2005, 10:33 PM
The bike is obviously too big for me, but it sure is a beautiful machine. I hope you are able to sell it to someone who can appreciate it! :)


02-23-2005, 02:32 PM
What year is that frame, early nineties? Where did you get the disc tabs welded on? Do you know what tubeset it is. Thanks. Beautiful color.