View Full Version : [OT]FS: HP 27/28 printer cartridges

11-06-2009, 02:34 PM
So this is a bit random, but...

I bought 2 double packs of HP printer cartridges, but my printer died before I could use them. I bought so many because I'm a senior in college writing a thesis and I print, read, edit, etc a TON of papers for it.

HP won't let me swap them out because it's been over a month since I bought them...

That's after my family has owned 2 printers, 2 laptops, and a desktop from them over the years. I doubt that I'll buy another product from them, they just messed up with this atmo...

So, I have:

A double pack of 27 black cartridges unopened that costs 36 bucks. I'll sell it for 30 shipped.

I have an unopened 28 color cartridge that costs 26 bucks, and I'll sell for 20 shipped.

Hopefully someone can use these. I need more ink and I'm le broke.

Thanks everyone.