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10-08-2009, 12:51 PM
This should explain everything...Posted at a

2009 SPECIALIZED Racing/Decathlon Hybrid (Avenue Rd/St Clair)
Date: 2009-10-08, 1:53AM EDT
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$300 or BEST OFFER


I have a beautiful SPECIALIZED hybrid for racing and decathlon. It is in Cannonball Black.

This bike was a sponsored bike for a professional racer in Ontario. I has been used a handful of times as he has several bikes. I have a couple of his bikes which I will be selling to people that can appreciate this bike.

It is a Hybrid, yet without front suspension. Yes, I know many people are under the impression that a bike must have front suspension in order to be a good or expensive bike but this is not the case for those that are serious about racing as the front suspension slows them down.

This bike is a beautiful, very light bike. It comes without any decals as the racers themselves are given the option of putting their own decals on or those who have sponsored them but in many cases, they keep them clean without the decals all over the bike as in this case.

At this very moment, I am waiting for someone to pick up a warranty for me for the bike. I am under the impression that there is one offered with it for another year and hope to be able to say ok by the morning.

These bikes do not have serial numbers.
If purchased, it is advisable to mark the bike in a manner which you can identify it by but in the meantime, no serial will be found on the bike at all.

Last but not least, I am unfortunately, at the moment dealing with a problematic camera that keeps adding white dots to my photos and so it does appear as if the bike has these marks all over it but IT DOESN'T.
I am going to have to get a better camera so please, in the meantime, give the photos the benefit of the doubt and understand it IS THE CAMERA and not the bike itself

$300 or B.0


Someone has replied to this ad on the Craigslist page. Anyone who reads Craigslist knows there are people that love to criticize others posts.
In any event, in answer to the persons claims, they are right, I don’t know very much about racing at all but the bikes are sometimes sold to professional racers at cost and if the person is well known enough, given to them.
I wasn’t aware that one had to be an expert on the subject of racing in order to offer someone a good deal on a bike.
My partner just happens to be racing all of the time and doesn’t have the time to post the bike for sale, nor the knowledge on how to do it properly.
I certainly do not see why this has any bearing on the post but, it seems someone has to post anonymously just to throw a wrench into people’s minds.
Perhaps that person is trying to sell a racing bike as well??
My understanding is that because the bike is being given and used in this manner there is no reason for a serial number. I obviously did not scratch off the number for anyone will know that can’t be done therefore there is a legitimate reason as I have suggested that there is not a serial number on the bike to begin with.

I am waiting to receive the warranty for the bike along with whatever papers came with it + hope to have later today

This is what I have to deal with locally....

10-08-2009, 01:07 PM
SO? Did you buy it?? :-)

10-08-2009, 01:11 PM
Gave him an extra hundred for shipping to Nigeria.(for my uncle)

10-08-2009, 01:25 PM
I thought those white dots were from inhaling the exhaust of Ford cars and trucks.

Glad to know its the camera.