View Full Version : A question for Serotta fork historians (2004)

07-14-2009, 10:49 PM
I'll shortly have my hands on Legend frame from '04...and also have the possibility of getting a nicely priced Edge fork for it, from now. After taking a zen moment to all acknowledge that a frame and fork are designed as a unit, I have a question about slightly mis-matched axle-crown numbers.

I believe the frame probably took a 370mm Ouzo or S2 fork (the interweb would suggest the Ouzo went to 372mm in '05/06) . The possible new fork, an Edge 2.0, is 367. Assume rake is the same on old/new.

3mm isn't much, but I'm wondering:

1. Anyone know for certain what the height was for the S2 in '04?
2. If there are certain headsets out there that have taller lower bearing races than others (to compensate) or..
3. Crazy idea #48586: can you add a very small shim (2mm maybe) below the bearing race on the fork to bring the front up ever so slightly?

The price on the Edge is tempting, and I have one on my Vagen and it feels super solid. I'm also open to the suggestion that I'm being dumb and should get an F3 from Serotta (but it costs quite a bit more). Also...I have no idea if the new F3's match to whatever was being used in '04.

I'm also open to someone telling me that 3mm is nothing and that I'll never notice...assuming that the frame was designed around a 370....

Thanks in advance...any advice or corrections to my history are appreciated.