View Full Version : WTT: Specialties Attaches Pro 3 52 Chainring for 48 or 46

06-21-2009, 06:56 PM
Shot in the dark, but you never know. I have a beautiful NOS Specialties Pro 3 Attaches 3 pin crank with 52 and 42 chain rings. I want to use it on a six speed restoration project but the 52 is a bit high and the 42 is not quite big enough.

So if any of you just happen to be sitting on a 48 (I know Specialites made 48 as I have a used one) or 46 and want a 52 (or 42 for that matter) we have a deal.

I would prefer Specialites, but if you have an NOS Campagnolo 3 pin, they fit and I would consider as well.