View Full Version : not vintage, but found these Oval R710 big set back seatposts

04-22-2009, 10:20 PM
on the net.

OOPS just learned about these silver things at Velo Orange. Seems they meet the Brooks setback challenge too:


Oval used to do these posts but impossible to find these days. Good for getting a Brooks saddle way back where they belong. The only other post I have ever found that does the job is the nearly extinct Selcof Biposition. Definitely extinct in silver, but still in black from Reparto Corse.com.


The Oval R710 looks like it will do the job and they are here on the net:

http://stores.channeladvisor.com/velopages/Items/Item.aspx?SKU=ovalseatpostalr710_27.2_280&caSKU=ovalseatpostalr710_27.2_280&caTitle=Brand%20New%20OVAL%20R710%20Concept%20Allo y%20Road%20MTB%20Bike%20Seatpost%2027.2%20x%20280% 20mm%20Seat%20Post%20Seatposts