View Full Version : OT: Hyper Games Formed for Steroid-Taking Athletes

04-01-2009, 04:08 PM
Hyper Games Formed for Steroid-Taking Athletes

According to the esteemed magazine, Scientific American there is a new Olympic-type sports venue forming called the Hyper Games that encourages steroid-taking athletes to compete against one another. The steroid use actually evens the playing field as it is known the everyone on the field is using performance enhancing substances.

According to SA, "The Hyper Games are for any spectator who has looked at sprinters and wondered whether they could go faster if their leg muscles contained cheetah DNA. Or speculated about how many tons a determined weight lifter could vertically press before his spine snapped. Or thought that Barry Bonds might show some potential as a hitter if he would just put on some muscle."

Born without lower legs and only have springy skis for feet? No problem as the Hyper Games won't outlaw you as a genetic mutant. Instead, they will reward you with gold metals and cheers from adoring fans.

Happy April Fools folks. :cool: