View Full Version : mavic aksiums with conti vectran 4k tires

03-16-2009, 12:09 PM
ok, so i picked up the ottrott from the shop
after taking in my r-sys front wheel
following the voluntary recall
and was expecting this new 'free' wheelset
to ride like,
well, to ride like clinchers--
much to my surprise
i think the wheels climb well, accelerate great
and handle with the nimble responsiveness
that i have attributed to riding tubulars.
now is it just that i'm used to riding my puglsey
or 40mm studded nokians all winter
and any road wheels/tires feel like i've been unshackled??
...or are these wheels with conti tires that supple and smooth??
maybe it's just the bike...
maybe free is what i really like...
anyone else out there testing them out, too??

03-16-2009, 12:22 PM
I'm using them to since I dropped my r-sys front wheel off at the LBS. I find they ride quite well given their not the most expensive wheels. I was out riding yesterday and remember thinking the wheels were taking bumps quite well. I also remember thinking I was always worried when I went over bumps with the R-sys wheels. I have no worries with these (might have something to do with their price) and they feel quite solid. Not that the r-sys wheels don't take bumps well but I was always worried about the spokes. I can't really speak to their climbing ability since I haven't really hit any serious hills.