View Full Version : I need your help in the fight against cancer!

03-15-2009, 02:11 PM

Ok...so here's the skinny. I signed up for Team In Training. They are a part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. What I've done is, I have made the commitment of training for and participating in the2009 Philadelphia Triathlon on June 28th! I'll be racing for and fund raising for the fight against leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers!!!!!

This all sorta came about when I decided to do a tri and began training on my own. Then a friend mentioned Team In Training. I did some digging on them and what they do...and I was sold! I get to fulfill a personal goal AND I get to do something good, something bigger than myself. I'm excited!!!!

Since joining, I have become acuately aware of how many people have been affected by cancer in general and leukemia in particular. Relatives of close family friends...loved ones of co-workers...friends of friends...and I had no idea until recently.

I need all your help though. I've gotten a REALLY late start on my fund raising due to work, persoal life drama, etc. I just reached out to a bunch of friends and family...and I think I'll be receiving some cash and check donations shortly. But my social circle is small. And, so, I'll have to rely in part on the random generosity of good people like you!!!!

If you have it within your heart and within your means to donate anything...$5, $8, $20, $100....please consider donating. Every dollar helps me and helps the fight against cancer.

I'll be updating my donation page with pictures of my honored hero hopefully within the next day or two! And maybe a pic of me as well. For the cycling community, I'll post pics of my tri bike build as soon as I can!!!!

Here's my donation page: http://pages.teamintraining.org/mi/philtri09/jwon