View Full Version : Elegant Solutions? - Rattling Valve Stems and Cable Housing vs. HT

03-07-2009, 07:26 PM
I figure there have to be some proven solutions that are more clever than any wheel I will create.

1) Deep section carbon wheels, 80mm tubes, valve stem just a little loose against the hole and rattles while riding. First blush attempt, electrical tape, but the crack between the valve stem and the rim is SO tiny it's difficult to wedge any tape in there. Feel like a little shoe goo or Loctite might do the trick - stop the movement but be easily removable when changing a flat. Any great tips that don't unbalance the wheel or look obvious from a few feet away? Assume the tire is already mounted and the tube inflated.

2) HTs without cable stops, Shimano cable housing touches the HT on the way by to get to cable stops on the DT, bang the front end and the cable housing slaps at the head tube making a noise. If it was just protecting the paint I know clear chainstay protector is a good solution, but it's the noise I don't like. Thinking foam rubber glued around the cable housing would be soft and durable, but it has to be exactly the right size or it will look obvious and it needs to be black because it will get filthy over time. The clear silicone grommets I used to see a lot on bare wires might work, but where to find them and are they big enough to go around the housing at the HT? It has to be soft enough NOT to make a noise of note when the cable slaps the HT. Am I creating a wheel that has been well solved already?

I look forward to the responses.

03-07-2009, 07:41 PM

I look forward to the responses.

run the R.H. casing to the L.H. port and the L.H. casing to the R.H. port.
then re-route the cable wires to their proper places in the bb shell area.
issue solved atmo.