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11-22-2004, 10:43 AM
5. This is a multi-color in-fill using gold and silver metallic pigments in conjunction with Pro-Blue PMS paint. Single-sided etch with multi-color in-fill on 12 x 12 Opaque White, Textured Glass Tile.

6. This is a seascape I created on a 32 x 36 beveled mirror. I etched through the back of the mirror to leave the front unblemished. I used gold, silver, and bronze metallic pigments in conjunction with PMS paint.

7. This is actually Deco design on a curved mirror for a wall sconce. This is an excellent technique for subdued lighting, or for directional signage. Single sided etch on a 10 x 16 curved mirror.

8. This design inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright was hand-cut and color in-filled on a 24 x 36 x 3/8 Jade Crystal panel.

9. A business logo etched using a double-sided etching technique, which gives a two-dimensional quality to the design (hard to see in the photo). Technique sample 4x4x1/2 Starphire crystal paperweight.