View Full Version : WTB: post, stem, etc

Dave B
10-05-2008, 09:46 AM
Looking for the following parts if you got em, want to sell em, or trade em.

Thomson, ritchey, oval post 27.2 (black) no set back or not a lot

Thomson X2, ritchey axis, oval (no carbon) stem 110mm

selle italia flite gel (the new style like the Ti316 look/design)

TRP Euro-x, spooky, or another nice cross brake (full bike)

I have the following:

Black Brooks B-17 (barely used, maybe 10 miles)
960 XTR v-brakes
campy lock ring
DA 10spd bb english threaded and brand new in box.
Pink King HS minus the base plate for the fork crown, which you can get pretty easy.
Pink king HS spacer kit

also a wee bit of cash.

shoot me a pm