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10-15-2004, 08:29 AM
Here’s a tough one.

Does there exist, made by anyone, a cross bike/frame that comes off-the-peg in a size larger than 63 cm’s? A 63 is really too small for me, but I can make it work if I have to :crap: . I would rather get something closer to my ideal size. To do that I will likely have to go custom on this, but I have another custom sized road frame in my sights that would come first. So…

Does a large off-the-rack cross frame exist out there? :confused:


10-15-2004, 09:47 AM
I don't think so. Cannondale's largest size is 60. Kelly's Knobby X is 61. I think you're looking at custom. There are a few builders who make a nice steel frame and fork in the $900 area. Good luck and report back if you do indeed find something off the rack that large. I have teammate who's facing the same decision.

10-15-2004, 12:01 PM

Are you not the young lad in the 260lb range? If so, why would you even consider off-the-peg frame? I do not know your riding experience but my personal experience suggests you are considerably too large and strong for ANY off-the-peg frame. At my relatively diminutive 230lbs, I have broken numerous frames, most custom built with my size/strength in mind. I once went on a demo ride using a team racing support bike that had just had the plastic wrap removed and been assembled by the mechanics yet the right cs snapped on the 3rd or 4th out of saddle stroke up a very mild incline, less than 5km's into ride...14 stitches later to my right shin I knew I shouldn't have ridden such a flyweight frame. I'm not suggesting you'll have similar results with all off-the-peg frames but I am suggesting there is likely not a single off-the-peg frame that will provide even 5k miles of service to someone your size w/o some structural failure. You can pay a few extra bucks now for a properly designed and sized frame or pay similar amount for the same after you've wasted $1000 on the off-the-peg frame that fails...and hopefully does not cause injury during failure.

As for sizing, I would focus more on ST angle and TT length rather than "frame size" which usually reflects ST length, a meaningless dimension imo. There is also a broad differentiation in defining "cyclo-cross" geometry. Many of the younger (mostly mtb influenced) builders consider a 'cross bike as an mtb w/700c wheels witnessed by high bb's, tall and slack front ends and sloping TT's. The more traditional approach is essentially a 70's racing bike geometry with slightly longer stays for mud clearence and canti braze-ons. A typical example of former would be from IF or Brent Steelman. I know folks who use the Rivendell Atlantis for trail riding but unfortunately it's BB/chainstay design makes it a poor 'cross bike -- a major gaffe by Grant imo is widely splayed round cs's that prohibit usage of low q double cranks.

I would suggest you contact Tom Oswald who is located in relatively nearby western PA. He loves racing 'cross, builds nice lugged steel bikes w/o the foo-foo details that don't matter when you're bombing down narrow single track with rocks and mud pounding the underside of frame. I believe his frame pricing is similar to production frames like Atlantis. He can build a frame that will hold up under your considerable load -- at least longer than any production bike -- and hopefully the wait will not be excessive. Of course you could get a Legend 'cross bike as they are once again building canti-bossed frames but I suspect that is well beyond your intended budget.

Ride on! :banana: :banana: :banana:

Ahneida Ride
10-15-2004, 12:20 PM
Uncle William,

As usual, Big Mac is right. Why risk personal injury ? :no:

The right frame is lot lot cheaper then a visit to the ER, my friend. :eek:

You on a 63 is like me on DBRK's Pink Little Kitty. :p :p :p :p

Hope to see ya soon, ;)


10-15-2004, 12:35 PM
I wasn't going to suggest it, because I think it's a bit heavy for a cross bike, but if you're 250+ lbs, maybe that doesn't matter... the Rivendell Atlantis is available in 64cm, and 68cm, and I think the last email update said they had a few 66cm's coming too.

$1300 for frame/fork isn't peanuts, but it's pretty good if you want an all-rounder, as opposed to a dedicated cross racer.

- Christian

10-15-2004, 02:05 PM
I know, you guys are right (In the: "Awww Dad" tone). Big Mac and AR are just looking out for me.:cool:

I was kinda hoping I could find an easily attainable cross frame that was close to my size to ride this winter. I suppose I knew I had to go custom on this, but I have a road frame in line first that will take priority. A custom cross would likely get back to me about the time I would be hitting the road hard again. I'll just have to add it to the list.

Big Mac, great info as usual. AR, Thanks. If you think I had a lot of post showing on the Bird, wait until you see what I'm riding until the Bird comes back from the factory. :confused: :D

Thanks for the info on the Atlantis Christian. :cool:

Will-(the impatient one)-iam