View Full Version : Yet another shimano/campy compatibility question

05-05-2008, 02:39 PM
My sister-in-law just found a bike in the back of the local shop.
It's a sweet Basso, and had been sitting for a while. The paint is beat up, but the frame is solid and it is the right size!

With the components in her garage, she could build up the bike, but it would be a mixture of shimano and campy. Here are the parts:

9 speed Campy Racing Triple cranks and FD (already installed on the Basso)
Everything is old 7 or 8 speed Shimano 105, but is in like new condition. It came off of another bike she once had.

Can she use that together? If so, which chain would she use, a 9 speed chain or an 8 speed chain?

Is there any way to make it work???


05-05-2008, 03:09 PM
Because of the thickness of the cogs, you may need to use an 8-speed chain. I think (but cannot verify) that it wont be to thick to work with the front derailleur. If the front derailleur can't handle it (someone else on the forum may know), at least another one should be dirt cheap. Everything else should work finen (assuming that the rear derailleur has a long cage).