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04-16-2008, 09:56 AM
I've used looks since the mid/late '80's, currently on CX 6's. I'm down to about 5 pair all being used on various bikes between the wife and I. Since look is now the keo and I'll have to change eventually I'm thinking about mountain pedals, maybe crank bros. eggbeaters. I'm not a racer and mainly ride 20-60 miles with 5 or more centuries over the summer and fall. I've not really had a problem walking with the looks, but was wondring if mtn pedals/shoes would be better suited for what I/we do. Would a pedal like the egg beater be comfortable over 100-150 miles or would it be a hot spot festival. Thanks for suggestions and input.

Steve Hampsten
04-16-2008, 10:11 AM
you'll probably be fine on mtb pedals but i'm not such a fan of eggbeaters, durability of the bearings being my issue. i've had much better luck with shimano mtb pedals

Ken Robb
04-16-2008, 10:14 AM
I ride an assortment of SPD mtn. pedals from Shimano and Wellgo, Eggbeaters, Performance Campus which have a flat side and an SPD side, and MKS lat Touring pedals. They all work fine. I think the Crank Bros. are the best in mud. I wear Shimano M020 shoes w/relatively flexy soles. I don't get hot spots but I can feel the pedals slightly through the soles so I can imagine that they could create hot spots for a few riders. No such problem at all with Shimanos because of their wider platforms. When trying to accelerate from a stop and clip in the Shimanos give me more platform to help apply pressure until I ind my cleats. Candys or other Crank Bros. model with platforms woulod probably help wioth this but then they might not clear mud as well as Eggbeaters. I haven't tried them.

The Campus pedals give you the option of riding in regular shoes.

The touring flatties are surprisingly good with regular shoes, especially if they have rubber soles that are not so knobby that they lock your feet into a limited number of positions on the pedals. These and the Campus pedals have less clearance if you pedal through corners.

I used to ride with Speedplays and Da 7800 pedals under Carnac top-line carbon-soled shoes. I hated walking around like a clown and I did not experience any reduction in efficiency pedaling with SPDs for sure and maybe not even with good flatties and boat shoes. I am so not-a-racer though and I do ride my bikes for daily activities more than "go for a training ride".

04-16-2008, 10:30 AM