View Full Version : OT: Pen tablet instead of mouse

04-08-2008, 04:48 PM
If you spend too much time on the computer and get carpal tunnel-like pain, here's a possible solution. I recently made the leap (not the leap) to a Wacom pen tablet, and it's just about eliminated the pain I was feeling from 6-8 hours of mousing a day. I had previously adjusted my desk, keyboard tray, and chair to be more ergonomic, tried different mice, including a 3M joystick model, all with no long-term success. The pen has worked wonders:


I use the small version, which is good enough for word processing, Web browsing, and even some design work. It took 2-3 days to get the hang of it, but now it's pretty natural.

04-08-2008, 06:12 PM