View Full Version : 30 mm or off set rim better?

03-09-2008, 03:44 PM
Would a 30mm stiff rim be a better choice or a off set rim for a campy hub? Stiffness or OCR for better spoke tension. Spokes would be Wheelsmith db 14, brass or alu. nipples. :bike:

Peter P.
03-09-2008, 06:33 PM
OCR, no two ways about it. ALL rims are plenty stiff in the vertical plane assuming the are built to reasonable tensions. If you bottom out your tire, you WILL put a flat spot on the rim; there's no avoiding it so don't think a stiff rim will make it flat spot proof.

OCR rims just lead to longer wheel life, and there's more benefit with Campy hubs since they suffer from more offset relative to the flanges than Shimano hubs. Even tension is where it's at for wheel life.

I'd build with them all the time, if I could. To bad Ritchey discontinued selling his OCR rims separately; they still are available with his built wheels. Velocity makes the only other OCR rim I know of.