View Full Version : Touchup guidelines and clearcoat paint to use

01-25-2008, 08:52 PM
Ihave some paint touchup directions that I printed from this forum. I have put my bike on the trainer and am now able to address the issue.

To summarize, the directions say to use plenty of water and lightly prep the general area with 2000 grit sandpaper. Fill the scratch with coats of paint until it is slightly higher than surrounding paint. Again sand the paint level using 2000 grit with plenty of water. Clearcoat and sand again.

Does this sound about right? Can anybody give me any better instructions? Is it better just to cover the scratches with stickers and forget about touchup because it will probably look worse than the scratches or stickers?

What type of clearcoat should I use on a 2006 frame orange frame?

01-25-2008, 09:30 PM
i have found my analness about my bike cosmetics to be a moving target. i do like touch up paint that matches just so there is not some blatant major flaw in what was once a flawless work of art. and as much as i have tried to do touch up right, it will never approach the beauty of the origninal. This was especially painful when I whacked my pristine custom Rex against the concrete porch on the way to the bikestand for the initial build. Thats when I researched how to do touchup the "right" way. And I have to say that spot still looks pretty good today. But then when three more notches appeared in the paint job from seemingly nowhere, I said phuck this. I did order well matching paint from a touch up car paint place on the net, and brushed it on the new little dings. nowhere near perfect, but good enough. i still love that bike and now it is loveable with touched up places instead of being the pristine beauty of its youth.