View Full Version : Anyone out there break their Keo cleats?

11-29-2007, 11:44 AM
I was on my HSG IT Sunday when I got up off the saddle to push up a rise when, I beleive, my Keo cleat snapped off the right shoe causing me to lose balance and fall. It was the front tip of the cleat.
Before you ask - the cleats were not worn past recommended point; minor parts damage; no apparent frame issues.
It seems to me, based on several thousands of miles of use, that the cleats have been improved with the white teflon portions - but perhaps weakened?
Curious - is there any similar experience on this board with current model Look cleats?

11-29-2007, 12:10 PM

I have never broken a cleat, but I change mine on a regular basis.

11-29-2007, 12:28 PM

Never broken them but am amazed and disappointed that the grey ones wear out (to the line) so darned quickly. I understand from the company that by wearing out it somehow saves the pedals themselves. ??

Did you have a problem getting into the pedals on that foot prior to it breaking?

11-29-2007, 01:13 PM
That the front should break is relatively unusual and probably the result of some kind of impact damage it sustained while you were walking, stopping, whatever. It's not uncommon for floating Keo cleats to break out the lip at the rear.

11-29-2007, 02:25 PM
I broke a front tip of a Keo cleat last fall when I tipped over while attempting to get underway at a stoplight.

I've not broken a cleat other than that. I did just buy a pair of cleats to change them on both pairs of shoes. I do this annually usually.

There was a pullout that occured at a local race series last summer. The guy lost control and crashed hard in a sprint when his cleat broke. Bummer.

11-29-2007, 02:33 PM
Yup, broke the front lip on mine. I was waling around after a ride without the cleat covers because I was planning on replacing the cleats the following day .. and the cleat broke. Couldn't have been better timing.

On a related note, anybody have problems with a loose feeling Keo pedal? On one of mine, it feels like there's plenty of slop between the cleat and the pedal, even with new cleats.

11-29-2007, 05:24 PM
I snapped one while powering around a corner. One instance I'm going full tilt - the next there's no resistance and my foot flies outs. Went down HARD on my hip. I had a hemotoma the size of a baseball - this happened in June and I can still see the brusing. I'm lucky I didn't break my hip. The bike faired better - just a scuffed the bars and bent the derailluer hanger.

These were the grey ones and had alot of wear - I'll be changing these out more frequently now! Swapping cleats is better than trying to heal!

Bruce K
11-29-2007, 06:08 PM
No issues with the black ones but I do check them carefully and replace them when there is any question at all.