View Full Version : trail matters

08-19-2007, 06:42 PM
so, i have a small look 585.
i like the way the bike fits.
or, to be more accurate, i like the way i have it set up.
i also like the way it feels. not as much as my steel bikes, but it's still a nice ride.
here's what i don't like about it...
it seems to push in corners. and it feels reluctant to turn. it just doesn't tip in as eagerly as my other bikes.
look at the geo chart and you'll see that the trail on the small size is 6.44.
the trail on my kirk and my serottas are 5.9 to 6.0.
the medium size 585 has a trail of 58.2.
the small has a head tube angle of 72 degrees. the medium is 73 degrees.
the fork rake is 43. the same rake they use for all sizes.
am i wrong to believe that the longer trail is what's affecting the steering?
i guess that's what you get when a manufacturer sticks with one fork rake for all sizes.
in hindsight, i'd probably go for a medium. or maybe a different bike altogether. it's not a disaster. it's just not really to my liking.
lesson learned... trail matters.