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05-08-2007, 04:23 AM
OK, as a road rider, I am pretty clueless about anything suspension-related. I have recently rejuvenated my old hardtail by replacing the rigid fork and Vbrakes with a Marzocchi MX Pro and Avid BB7s.

I have owned the fork since new, but have hardly used it. It is from 2003 and has only been used offroad may a dozen times - -other than that, it was (carefully) stored in its original box for about two years.

My question is that when reinstalled, it seems to compress/dive too easily. For example, if I use the front brake with any force, it compresses too quickly (in my opinion). There are no apparent leaks in seals and the stanchions are mint except for a tiny imperfection that will have no effect in teh performance (surface scratch that marred the finish, I am sure).

I realise that without seeing and disassembling the fork, it is difficult to tell what the problem is, but does anyone have any suggestions? Maintenance on bikes is VERY expenisve in Switzerland, so I want to determine whether it's just a function of me getting used to a suspension fork again, or whether something is not properly working.

The fork is now old technology, but was a simple and fairly strong, as I understand it. Given its lack of use, I would be surprised if there was something wrong with the fork (unless lack of use is the problem!)

Is the mechanism used to control the return rate called 'rebound'? I need to know this stuff for trying to explain in another language what the problem is. Ugh.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Photos to follow - as the bike keeps me admiring mountain bikes!!