View Full Version : WTT: 753 custom 60 CM Frame/set

11-08-2020, 03:21 PM
I love this bike, but it got taken down to repaint, and other projects came in the queue.

I am leaning towards more of a Gunnar sport, or Waterford sport geometries. Little longer, not so RR geom, etc.

This is short, tight and responsive. But generous enough front center my 47.5 feet don't hit front wheel, a huge plus for me. The ride with 25mm Paves is as to be expected, sublime.

Made in PDX 90s by RMA-Robert Neustifter
Henry James DO/Lugs/BB,Crown, silver soldered 753 Reynolds including chain stays and fork leg tubes etc. Internal TT rear brake routing.

TT=58, so I'd consider it a 60 pretty much. I have a 34.25" inseam and was not crowded. Can pop wheels on and remeasure standover if requested. I hate to let this kind of quality frame go. But I have short fast bike and it gets too redundant I guess.

PM for details, some edge chipping @ BB and HS set on the HT lugs and some scratches form ample use. No dent.