View Full Version : ? for dnovo - how is the BLE?

big D
12-11-2003, 02:20 PM
I just had my True North repainted and it looks stunning but I am really interested in the BLE. I know you had a quick reivew from when you first pick it up from Competitive Cyclist but you have had it for a while now and I am interested in your views on it now. I think it would be the perfect frame for XXXXL frame. As well does it come in any other colours. I have seem a few of the new Peg paint schemes and like them a lot.

Thanks in advance

12-11-2003, 05:13 PM
First: The standard color is the orange shown in their catalog, at the Gita website and at the dealers' pages, including the Competitive webpages. It is very nice, more so in person than in the photos, and the paint is well applied. I understand the bike can be ordered in any of the Pegoretti paint schemes if you want.

Now to the bike itself: I am amazed by several things about this bike which I have now had the chance to put some miles on. Ride and response could be described most simply as a GGM on steroids.

Taking the GGM as a baseline, the BLE has more 'oomph' out of the saddle and feels a bit stiffer (not that the GGM is what I would call a noodle by any standard.) Handling is very much like the older Peg, although I prefer the Deda fork on the GGM, but the Ouzo Pro is well 'tuned' to the BLE so I have no plans on switching it out at this point.

The most surprising thing is that fact that this bike is neither ponderous nor 'clumsy.' Why is this a surprise? Looking at the photos of those beefy stays and reinforcing portions of the tubes, and reading Dario's comments on makiing the ultimate 'sprinter' in steel, some in this group opined that it might feel like a tub of concrete or weigh like the proverbial lead sled.

Just the opposite is true. It feels light, and when Brendan and I put it on our respective scales, the figures tossed around at Interbike (my bike is the Interbike display, except with 2004 Mavic SLs instead of the wheels that were on it there and a slightly heavier saddle) proved to be accurate.

So, lighter in fact and in feel than you would expect. Very 'precise' and positive in its manners and handling, and while not as 'soft' a rider as say my CSi or the Luigino, and it will transmit a bit more 'buzz' than those bikes or my 725-tubed Kirks, not a punishing bike to ride at all.

Very pleased so far. Dario seems to have hit is intended mark with the BLE. Oh, no problem wacking my heels on the chainstays as some wondered would be the inevitable result of those massive hunks of steel tubing. Close, but no cigar, and close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades anyhow. Dave N.