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01-30-2007, 10:07 PM
First, thanks to everyone who contributed to the NZ fund. I really appreciate it.

I've made another pass through the box (I can almost see the bottom!) and rounded up a few more items which I just don't need to have moldering in a box for another three years. As before, I've got pictures of most anything, let me know.

Tack on a bit more for shipping. Shipping discounts for those who bought things in the first round since it's not their fault I'm dragging this out...

Here we go:

A really nice set of cruiser/MTB wheels. The front is an silver XTR hub, 36 spoke 3-cross with Wheelsmith XL14 to a Mavix X618 rim. The rear is a silver White Ind ENO (fixed/free) hub, 135 spaced, 36-spoke 3-cross Wheelsmith DB14 to an Alex Adventurer. This wheelset is what the kids call "bulletproof" and would make an really excellent retro blinglespeed set in your pre-Trek Bontrager Racelite OS frame. Comes with a set of wire bead Panaracer UrbanMax (?) 26x1.75 tires. The ENO is bolt-on by design. The front comes with a nice steel bolt-on skewer (the ones sold by Mike Garcia at OddsandEndos?) And a few spare spokes for each. Hoping for $160.

[I actually don't have a picture of the wheelset right now ... the rear is out getting the freewheel pulled. But if you're interested, let me know and I'll start a list...]

One Tubus "Cargo" rack for 26" wheels. Very sturdy. In great shape. No hardware, just the complete rack. $50

One set of 26 x 2.25" SKS fenders in black. Used but not abused. The rear has some 3M reflective tape on it (shows well in photo). Comes with all the SKS-unique hardware, but not much in the way of the standard M5 bolts. They're now too well integrated into my junk bin. $15 ($10 with above rack)

Also an Easton EA70 bar, same rise as the EC70, which I think is the "midrise" in the aluminum bar. Slightly wider than the EC70.

Both bars 25.4, not 31.8 clamp. $25 for the aluminum

And a Raceface Air Alloy flat bar. Narrower than the Easton bars above. $15.

Thomson Elite stems, all "mtn" with 25.4 clamps: 120x15deg black: $25/pc

And the stuff left over from last time w/ price drops

Front derailleurs.

* XTR FD-M950 bottom-pull, top swing, parallel-push. 28.6 clamp. $15 Sweet!
* XT FD-M739 bottom-pull, top swing, 34.9 clamp. $5
* XT-FD-M750 top pull, top swing, 31.8 clamp. $5
* STX FD-MC30 top-pull bottom swing, 31.8 clamp. $5 (free with something else).

Raceface 94 x 5 bashguard. Trick. $10

* XT Rear der, 9 speed, long cage. $15

One pair Diacompe 287 (not 287V) drop bar levers for canti brakes. Levers are in good shape but the hoods are a little tired. No tears, though. $10

Thanks y'all

01-30-2007, 11:48 PM
Love to know what you want for the wheels (actually, I'd love just the back wheel, but assuming you'd rather not break them up, what's your quote for both). I have a rigid Fat Chance, and I thought about building it up single speed, that hub might be just the answer.

01-31-2007, 01:31 PM
Boy. Maybe $180 for the wheelset? Wheelsets are tough to price because they shipping cost is so high...

02-05-2007, 09:53 PM
Desperation goes up, prices go down...