View Full Version : Lake MX 331 size 46, need repair; $55

07-24-2019, 07:54 AM
These are the CX version of the MX 331, which are lighter and more minimalist than the mtb version. They are both labelled MX so is confusing. The labelling on the boxes did indicate CX vs MX. The spikes are also swappable for steel cleats, which are included but not pictured. Also included are extra screw in rubber pads on the heel and toe. With five pairs of two-bolt shoes in rotation, including, until recently, three pairs of Lakes, these saw little use. They are also just that slight bit too large. These are the most road-shoe like of any two-bolt recessed cleat shoes I've ever owned. They are leather and have a very yummy form fit. These are have the carbon moldable heel cups.

Recently I noticed the uppers coming unglued around the edge of the ball of the foot. More on one shoe and slightly on the other. This was not noticeable while riding and was only evident when for some reason I started pulling on it. I would bet that contact cement would fix this, but would probably be best to take to a cobbler for professional job. I contacted Lake for warranty and they offered me a discount on new pair so decided to take them up on that. $55 includes shipping CONUS and paypal