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07-20-2019, 05:40 PM
FS: ENVE Classic 25 DT Swiss Wheelset

I bought these off a forum member a little while back and never ended up using them. In pretty good shape. DT Swiss 240 hubs I believe. I removed the white / green hub decals ...like the black better. Includes 2 sets of ENVE brake pads, used. 11 speed Shimano / SRAM freehub showing some biting from previous use. Rim widths: 21.8mm outer, 14.4mm inner on my calipers.

Asking $675 shipped SOLD

More photos:https://photos.app.goo.gl/9VrSSnTstz2FUizB9

07-25-2019, 11:09 AM
Price drop...Still available

07-28-2019, 10:06 AM
TDF bump

08-12-2019, 01:02 PM
still available.

08-13-2019, 05:42 PM
can the driveshell be converted to Campagnolo on these hubs?

08-14-2019, 02:10 AM
Yes I think so. You can purchase a campagnolo freehub body for DT Swiss 11speed hubs. I may have the hubs wrong in my original post...I think they are 240s. ...Changed the original post from 340s to 240s.

08-14-2019, 10:23 AM
these are carbon rims? would they have to re-dished for a campy hub?

08-14-2019, 10:28 AM
these are carbon rims? would they have to re-dished for a campy hub?

When changing from campy to shimano on dt swiss 240 hubs the difference is in theory 0.5 mm in dish or something like that.

Nobody i know redish 240 hubs when changing out freehub from one to the other. I just change and ride.. Never had a problem or even noticed anything.

08-14-2019, 11:29 AM
Yes carbon rims

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08-16-2019, 10:38 AM
Price dropped to $675 shipped.

08-28-2019, 06:42 PM
Still available.