View Full Version : Value of 1993 Serotta Legend TI

06-07-2019, 07:48 AM
I've been out of road riding for several years since I built up this frame, purchased on eBay. 1993 Serotta Legend TI, s/n TI57 LOC 348 with a few minor nicks. Ultegra 10, Solitude wheels, Romin saddle, all in very good condition.
Can anyone give me a rough idea of its value? Thanks!

06-07-2019, 07:54 AM
I have a slightly newer version (97?) but similar. 1" steerer, no Serotta fork, and there is not much value in the components. I'd say you'd be lucky to get $950 complete, $700ish for the frame and fork. Even that may be optimistic. The market for old ti is pretty dead.

06-07-2019, 07:57 AM
Thanks! About what I was expecting.

06-07-2019, 08:10 AM
The market for old ti is pretty dead.

I'd be a buyer if it fit me. That is a nice paint scheme as it seems timeless, and on par with today's paint. Nice ride you have there. Throw a leg over it and enjoy the blissful miles on a quality Ti bike.

06-07-2019, 10:01 AM
I love the bike! It’s just too dangerous on the road for me here on the southern Maine coast. Forced off the road one too many times.