View Full Version : WTB: Zipp SL88 bar, 44cm

06-02-2019, 11:45 PM
Looking for a little more reach on my Thrive, want to try a Zipp Service Course SL88 bar. I have them on my Macho Man and really dig them.

44cm width. Beyond Black finish preferred, but either is fine.

Not looking for any other bar at this time.

I have a Fizik Cyrano R3 Snake bar in the 44cm size I would trade, if interested.

06-03-2019, 12:10 AM
44ctc or their version of 44?

06-03-2019, 12:12 AM
44ctc or their version of 44?

For the SL88 bar, they should be the same, when measured at the ramps (the drops flare slightly).

The older models names by initials instead of numbers were o-o.

05-28-2020, 07:06 PM
Picked up a Zipp TB bar locally (thanks, soupless!) but still want to try out an SL88.