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05-26-2019, 02:46 PM
Has the factory-replaced flywheel, all of the accessories except a heartrate strap, and the Computrainer software. Everything works as far as I can tell -- I don't have a computer capable of really using it. So I don't.

FREE, but you have to pick it up in Scotts Valley or Santa Cruz. No shipping.

Update: includes:

- Computrainer Pro, LAB version load generator, power supply. Blue flywheel recall completed. Blue stand...great shape (no rust or anything). Will work with 130 QR or thru-axle with an adapter.

- 8002 control unit, all cables needed to connect to load generator.

-New Serial to USB connector to connect control unit to laptop. Will also work as stand-alone in ERG mode (good for intervals).

- Polar heart rate pick-up (no strap)

- Cadence pick-up. This is a little bit nappy...bought it used on eBay, but works.

- Racermate software on CD

I bought his here from PoppaWheelie, but the wheel and stand in his listing have moved on to other uses. Otherwise, I think the original listing is still accurate.

06-16-2019, 03:28 PM
Bump. I want this to go away, so price has been reduced from $100 to FREE. You still have to come pick it up -- Scotts Valley or Santa Cruz.

06-16-2019, 03:33 PM
Post this on slowtwitch and someone will snatch it up!

06-27-2019, 07:59 PM
Bump. Last call for this -- going to Goodwill next week.

06-28-2019, 08:47 AM
contacted a friend who may be interested. he may reach out.