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05-02-2019, 06:21 PM
From Robert Freeman of Davidson cycles seattle

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This was a frame I got from a CR member about 3 years ago and restored. Paint and box lining by Jack Trumbull of Franklin Frames. The Tour of Britain was their most popular model. Named after the long-lived race, it was really their racing frame, though in the UK that still meant it needed eyelets and clearance for guards. I had planned to keep it but a friend begged me to buy it from me, and it's not like I don't have others, so I sold it to him. Well he's gone through a bunch of medical stuff in the last year and has yet to ride the bike, so he's decided to let it go. We're asking the same price as he paid from me, $2500. You won't find a nicer example of one of these. I'll box it for free but you pay shipping. It looks just like the pics except it currently has a slightly taller Nitto Technomic deluxe stem, and also Panaracer Pasela 27 x 1 1/4 tires. Can certainly take 700c or tubulars, and we can talk about that. I would have kept it this time but as some of you will recall I got another one last year that is also quite nice, so I still have 8 Jack Taylors including two of these. I could triplize this for you if you wanted to tour on it, and I can also source some Honjo mudguards for you for that classic look. The Taylors always used the French LeFol mudguards of which the Honjo are a near exact copy.


Attached pics are current, and the signed hat and JT bottle, plus a couple of my JT signs, go with it.

Robert Freeman

Robert D Freeman
North Bend WA

05-02-2019, 07:57 PM
Bump for a great beauty!
All the paint details are superb.

05-02-2019, 08:03 PM
Bump for a great beauty!
All the paint details are superb.

Now we're bumping PSAs?


05-02-2019, 08:27 PM
Now we're bumping PSAs?


Yep, bump! :banana:

05-02-2019, 09:24 PM
Cool rig!