View Full Version : SOLD: 175 46/34 Ritchey WCS cranks for your rain bike

04-16-2019, 10:53 AM
Bought these new a while back for my fender bike and I'm moving to shorter cranks. Good utility setup:
*Ritchey 175 WCS crankarms (not the recalled version). Some rubbing from rain booties on the crankbolt area of the DS, and along the upper edge of the DS arms; some wear at the bottom of the NDS crankarm.
*Original 34 inner ring; still lots of miles remaining.
*Swapped in a 46 FSA outer ring.

Octalink cranks, and am including a Shimano 5500 Octalink 109.5mm sealed bearing spindle for BSA. Still turns like butter.

$old shipped for the whole shebang.

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/oF8omeXd3hiKIvZotjLHQe7JVaLNzZljljUEmwIhldAlnYBwvL u_f3YKsd5VIb2k1xN3O66ObOtAY7LXvJ9DK53skxsAdwUElFcL 1Rtg5jq5Vpbyoz4ASF-3asrBd6ud9PSHhDuD8In2qGPuqbqQ8bRcfKxPAn-QNybHA5d0b7DEP2QU82Kmu0vZPIhkQbKLlwrDlaOXgQEILGgpr 7NJT0_XU9A4xxjcslW5n86H2y-AVP5L22K5XtQrUD_QZdlxM3fNuAShUZ7uhZJcnoT2aPc-F-MocE3MqWJK37e1yk08fkrUN1D9jIWvHmJLyrVUYKDsBQ_nkU1i J5e9boUNRtyE4MSQdy_8bvgHSgxqbNUH4w6sfBohOJn1IN2PCc Gqs4tmvmaEp4-DwNfdOxHAW56CEsjQ52Bn4O3XVslBqREws1b6qw95lN-F-6A7LBZXRkDrCtks2VYA6CX-TnjG1yylAnktuZ5x4j6eZtAzPNrk1MGi5vKVYahkZOAHCG5EwW Bm8nd0vVlaWX8NNAcnt4MRfSWA79R_OHhM7M-1fn3DrKnMUWl_Ba0-ghXH9BqjAA0THf6MTD_I8lDW18MnuwpWrr0UxUq3Yy2VtcQ_QN eWnoJQjedBDVsDpTc7vGpw-D2nbydJdhlYJt4YDuyjMcIZNpnJ6EE=w1250-h937-no
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ZrxmPE5EJ_rHOpYgEULa9NyMt1Uig73ZIN8scyaax4xHmiou33 dNCSOOK65scwGSHWrWCx95LHhGXoxDeXWRHk7LoboB6FPwobNX ZDj0vdt-GR_7otKBYk20noq0D4Pl9n6R8BcXvkih8BB4_FVMoQDQkfzpjd 4PxpFdoF_MfdsHAq35C5mIbVWUbjDkGccAwMEcLhhrgUoRwTHR ukAG5FBqVd5pwoBEZZcIzxnu9HxSQSBKrxhAptac2eVhFJ5Okh tn_bmGfmPcbOkrMMM_nzs-hRqib023WZ5RT3Gn1SQCRmhirxIZLcPe6QDSL2tddb2_-AAWmIm3X9Pbpz8CnKXpv1wcnETZbusPRpsO7SqwxnKk9E-La0D2OgDnabXcpzf1dKghfGTOhvGYy1W8LcYkaz7-oN9f-0tAgPMktxlMONkGiwHV8TvpFIFXlL8TPvLhOdfDex5y-XrXcOTlrV_5mE6iezzGU_WFEZic0Puw1jL0rbl4WHi7oxEdcnJ rLPjs3-s9-4A7PONxJur33RxRWq1UBVyJU5mgT3M8pbviajVpi1P9CqZlQ38 kMw4xbXNsmd5Vg6e47LPsjm3969SR7JZeAvKmdR3xrM0oh6UI1 KQaUJ-pecUhZcPSAS50g11l8AVPTHLUjVMJDVX30nyC-hIS_Kw=w1250-h937-no

04-16-2019, 12:04 PM
Whoops, inconsistent between title and text body.

Cranks are 175mm.

04-16-2019, 12:16 PM
Pics don't load. Try Flickr instead of google.

04-16-2019, 12:38 PM
Huh, they were loading for a while, now they're gone. But thanks for the heads up.

Man, I hate trying to get Google photos to work here. On other forums I can also upload from my PC where here the only option is a link.

And right now there's a flickr outage so I'll try later....

04-16-2019, 01:01 PM
i see them fine.

hope the new 170s i sold you are working out OK!


04-16-2019, 01:05 PM
Those are Octalink, not ISIS. Even better!

04-16-2019, 01:06 PM
Thanks, AS. They are working well.:beer:

And I'm not seeing the photos now even though you are. Shouldn't be this hard to get pics up here, sigh....

04-16-2019, 01:09 PM
Those are Octalink, not ISIS. Even better!

Huh, I was always told ISIS, but Googlefu comes up with your answer. The BB label is silent on that, but since the posting is for both cranks and BB a buyer will be good to go for an English BSA 68mm shell.