View Full Version : FS: Albastache and other parts for building flat bar cockpit

04-11-2019, 12:39 PM
my flat bar experiment has come to an end. It was not the equipment, it is my hands. I have spent a couple of months with all of these parts in one build or another. I can assure you all but the bars and the barcons are as new. Bars and barcons are fine too.

And let me say that all of these parts worked great together. The barcon pods with the Diacompe Power Ratchets are really cool. Did not hit my legs when on the Albastache bars and were easier on my hands due to no indexing. Smooth as heck. And they install perfectly on the Shimano pods.

Albastache bars in used but just fine condition heat treated, no tape goo - $75

Tektro RL340 black levers - $15

sort of hard to find: Dia-Compe DC135 Road Brake Levers - with both 22.2 & 23.8 mm clamps - Black - $25


Shimano barcon pods with 10 speed bar end shifters - $55

Diacompe Ene Power Ratchet 8, 9, 10 downtube shifters (with newest washer for easily tightened tensioning.) - $25

Wheels Manufacturing 26.0 to 31.8 bar shim - $10

Shipping on bars will be $15, all other small stuff $5 each, or we can discuss grouping for less.