View Full Version : Dura Ace 9000 crankset, 165 mm, 34/50, extra rings

12-09-2018, 01:58 AM
This is a Dura Ace 9000 crankset with about 800 miles on it. It's the rare bird with 165 mm cranks, for those who've been riding crank arms too long for them, those with knee problems, those who want to spin rather than drag their cranks around. Short cranks are the trend these days, and 165s are extremely hard to find unless you pay premium new prices. These come with 34/50 rings, and in this case I include a brand new 34 tooth Dura Ace ring for replacement far down the road, plus a 39 tooth Dura Ace ring with about 180 miles on it. With the 39 you can do a 39/50 combination that works very nicely and is perfect for a lot of flatter areas and gives you a closer ratio front, just like the pros who ride a 46/53 at Paris Roubaix. The ends of the crank arms have a little scratching from carrying the bike up and down some stone steps; other than that they've never been crashed, never ridden in the rain. These include the original rings plus one brand new 34 ring plus the slightly used 39 ring. Killer setup. Asking $289 for the whole set.