View Full Version : one more PSA Eddy Merckx 61x58 steel Campagnolo beauty - $1250 (Davis

11-09-2018, 03:52 PM
smoke out side so staying today
Eddy Merckx 61x58 steel Campagnolo beauty - $1250 (Davis
Hi guys the price is absolutely solid firm whatever you want to call it. I am only letting go to fund my races and it is a bit small to be very honest. I have spent a ton of money on this over the years it's absolutely beautiful and in my opinion very fast .

It has delta brakes and all Campagnolo group including hubs built to a mavic open pro that I had hand built up and in 2016 with very few miles on them.

61x58 cm center to center , and yes you will get Campagnolo pedals with Campagnolo cages and original Campagnolo straps that are on bike now. The chain it self is very hard to find Regina Supeeggra hallow link and Regina freewheel

Absolutely rides like a dream

Concor Perforated saddle very well used but when it was put on the bike it was new. I think there's about 3000 miles on the saddle

there's no rush to sell this. I feel that you're getting excellent deal and you're going to be a very lucky person to own this bike.

I have over $3000 invested I have a receipts of some of the work especially the wheels.

please message anytime