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12-25-2017, 11:09 AM
My lucky strike is still on and put my hands for free in what I think was sombody's project. A schwinn spitfire rat rod type of bike.

Frame painted with rattle can that is not that bad the problem is that you touch the paint and stains, worse because is brown, headset was like lose, same with the BB. Seatpost frozen with a quill expander system, you go figure in that one.

Wheels are ok but the cones looks like hulk pressed them, shimano coaster

After removing everything noticed that the fork steering tube was too short, and at the time of removing the fork noticed the genious put a ISO headset in a frame that takes old BMX headsets, oh the bearing cages were installed upside down aswell.

The crown race installed in this thing was like a cone like designed for cartridge bearings, did not make any sense, the fit was sort of ok but when I pull it with my hand it came out right away, that's when I noticed there's no shoulder for a crown race, anybody has seen this before? the whole thing from top to bottom is 1 inch.

Any crative way to fix this or probably will be better just to get a cheap springer fork? At least have a nice seat to go with it. Probably the saddle worth more than the whole bike tho.

Was thinking in repaint this thing candy blue pearl as my winter I have nothing to do project.

Seatpost was frozen and with a quill home made system, lucky for me just a dab of oil and a big pipe wrench did the trick and was able to remove that atrocity. The quill long bolt was rusted from top to bottom, awefull junky job. So seatpost obviously needs to be replaced aswell.

Looks like gonna have to find a fork, eventhought going to a modern springer is the way to go so it takes 22 mm stems instead of 21 mm ones.

The top of the cake after 30 minutes disassembling this thing was the one piece crankset, you can install the left pedal in the left crank (and opposite too) w/o much work :) Need to get a new ashtabula crankset. Good there's a swap meet in like 2 months.

Any idea about the fork???


12-25-2017, 12:14 PM
I've seen that on a handful of 1" steerer forks. If you're looking to get a tighter fit for the crown race there's a specific tool for that (the only one I've seen is JA Stein). It looks almost like a pipe cutter but instead of blades there are three knurling rollers.



You put the knurling tool in a vice, put the steerer through it, and tighten it snug. Then you rotate the fork and knurl ridges into the steerer effectively making a larger diameter for the crown race to seat. Here's Stein's instructions:


12-25-2017, 01:42 PM
Looks like a good idea, thanks!