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12-03-2017, 06:25 PM

Ridley Noah, size L, custom painted a gorgeous deep red and black, with an extremely glossy clear coat over the top. **Pics show the frame as built up, but this listing is for frame/fork only**

I can provide more closeups if needed - shoot me a PM if so.

The seat mast, with the included spacers will give you a seat height range of 76cm to 78cm. If you need to go lower than 76mm you can have your bike shop easily trim the seat mast.

There is 5cm of steerer tube from the top of the headset to the top edge of the steerer tube. This will allow for the stem and a 1cm spacer (keep in mind the Noah has a fairly tall head tube, size L has a 20.5cm head tube), so most people will find that the bar height with a 1cm spacer is very reasonable.
Paint applied to the frame is a very expensive high end 2K automotive paint. This paint is far more durable than the paint that comes standard on the Ridley Noah and other manufacturer’s carbon fiber bike frames (as you’ve probably experienced, bike paint chips very easily). A 5 stage process was used to give it the high gloss you see (black base coat, intermediate clear, red base, high solids clear top coat). Over the top of the clear coat you can see in the pictures the very cool metallic silver logos. They really pop in GE sunlight. The top tube logo is a saying from Greg Lemond: “It doesn’t get easier, you just go faster” (if you're not a Lemond fan, that quote graphic can easily be removed before shipping if you prefer)

Condition is excellent. From a few feet away it looks almost new. VERY glossy. A high end synthetic/hydrophobic wax has been applied; water just beads up and rolls off. A few very small chips, the most visible being a few mm chip near the front of the lower part of one fork leg. It’s only through the top layer of paint. Happened when a race official removed a timing chip with a pair of pliers and nicked the paint with them. A small 2mm chip (just through the clear coat) top of the drive side chain stay behind the big ring (not visible with crank installed). A very tiny 1 mm chip (just though the clear...barely noticeable) top edge / middle of the drive side chain stay. Finally, a very small cable rub area on the right side of the head tube.

Includes the Sram Force GXP BB installed (low miles), seat mast topper/seat clamp, and seat mast spacer kit.

$450 + shipping, we will split the paypal fee.

Pics below show it built up. As mentioned, this is for frame, fork, headset, seat mast hardware, spacer kit, and bottom bracket





BLD 25
12-03-2017, 06:48 PM
That's sharp! So is the BB BSA threaded or another standard with gxp compatible adapter installed?

Also, when you talk about seat height, is the 76-78cm from the center of the BB to the top of the mast or top of the seat?

12-03-2017, 07:26 PM
Thanks. That range is from center of BB to top of the saddle. I thought I heard somewhere Ritchey makes a seatmast topper that fits this frame that is a few cm taller. If that’s an issue for anyone I’ll call Ridley and inquire. Of course, if lower tha. 76mm is needed, it’s pretty for a bike shop to trim down.