View Full Version : Anyone want used Campy 9s and 10s lockrings? $5 shipped?

08-08-2017, 12:33 PM
I have accumulated a bunch of Campy lockrings for 9s or 10s cassettes.

As many of you may recall, the 9s hubs, and the 10s oversize after those hubs would come with their own 12t lockrings. The 9s hubs' and 10s OS hubs' lockrings are incompatible, although the 9s hubs can take a 10s cassette (and an 11s, I think).

Cassettes starting in 11t came with their own lockrings.

Pretty sure all 10s Campy cassettes come with their own lockrings also.

I have these lockrings:

1x 9s hub, 11t cassette. I believe this will accommodate 9s or 10s cassettes; I know I've used it with 10s cassettes. Bit of a scrape on the lockring.

1x 10s OS hub, 11t cassette.

4x 10s OS hub, 12t cassette lockrings. 3 of then have text stamped on them (e.g. Campagnolo - Made in Italy - Lock -> 50 Nm). 1 just says "CS 401, Lock, 50 Nm", and that one came with a 10s Veloce cassette.

Basically trying to make shipping plus a couple bucks for my time. PM if interested in a bulk deal. Otherwise they'll probably go to the recycling.