View Full Version : Commuting in the dark

08-04-2017, 11:19 PM
Well, not really, I had my headlight and tail blinker with me.

Today I got caught on a last minute, unexpected protocol change and we needed to finish a task before heading out. It turned out we didn't finish until 10 PM.

It was glorious! Part of my commute takes me through a parkway without street lights. Pitch dark! Besides my bike lights, there was no other light source. In the winter time I commute as well, so I do ride in the dark then. However, in the summer is much more pleasant, warm nice air, the moon was out (in the winter I am not out late enough for the moon to be high in the sky,). Oh, and the eyes, oh my, the eyes at the side of the road. In the winter I see a pair of eyes on the side of the road from time to time, but in the summer, they are everywhere! Creepy! Deer, raccoons, who knows what else. The ride was superb, came across 4 cars the whole trip through the 5 miles of parkway ride. What can I say, awesome!
Now, I don't think I want to put that many extra hours for the treat :-)