View Full Version : On Point: 2 great cycling customer service experiences

07-10-2017, 01:52 PM
Quick free opportunity to help out 2 companies that did a A+ job today with me.

Bontrager- Was involved in a race crash this weekend. My new (this season) bontrager ballista (MIPS) saved me (pics below). They have a 1 year FREE crash replacement and my local shop took care of me in under 10 minutes. They want you to use their stuff, they want you to feel safe and they are even willing to replace your ~$200 helmet for free. Don't remember much except going head first over the bars after someone got into me in the final corner but I'm alive and will probably wear bontrager lids for the rest of my cycling life.


veloToze- my shoe covers ripped on the 3rd TT of the year during installation. Not sure what happened, followed protocol to the letter and used some baby powder to keep things smooth. Sent them a picture and 1 hour later had a code for a free replacement pair with free shipping and they wanted to investigate the old ones. Top notch all around and quick response.

07-10-2017, 01:55 PM

good that they want to investigate the ripped ones too, hopefully they will find something and make them better.

always good to hear positive notes here.

especially an outfit as big as bontrager - i have to feel that a little $$ spent on good will goes a long way to keeping customers.