View Full Version : FS - Reynolds Attack Wheelset. Clincher. Light

04-27-2017, 08:50 AM
I got these wheels not too long ago, they are not the newer version but not he super old version either. I think probably about 2014. They are wideish (can measure). They have the fancy reynolds brake track which actually brakes nice for carbon, specially with the nice pads I am including. They are NOT tubeless, probably work but no experience with that.

They are pretty damn light (in the 1300g camp). Good looking. No weight limit. I put like 100 miles on them max, I just prefer alloy for where I ride.

Including reynolds power brake pads (these are like $70 pads), they are bigger pads that dissipate heat better and also have more power and modulation.

Shimano freehub. 11 speed. Including reynolds skewers.

These are in excellent shape. I got them and they were in excelllent shape and I barely used them. There are a few micro surface scratches that are hard to see. I can take pictures. For now here is a picture of them on my english



complete set of pics here


$500 shipped for these which is what I paid for them (without the brake pads).

04-27-2017, 09:40 AM
that was "quick". these are tentatively sold. I need to make sure these are the wide ones and if they are then 2 people already want them for sure.


04-27-2017, 07:59 PM
and these are now sold. Thanks everyone.