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03-07-2017, 07:17 AM
SOLD, thanks paceline forum!

HED Ardennes Plus CL Wheelset - 700c -Shimano/Sram - Clincher - 11 Speed

I purchased these new about six months ago. They are in perfect condition with less than a thousand miles on them. These come with original skewers.

Very, very fast. Very, very comfortable. No accidents or crashes, round and true. The only reason I am selling these is that I went with a different hub using the same rims. These rims are the updated version of the earlier Ardennes model...slightly wider and even better.

Truly a game changer for those who are still riding narrower clincher rims. You will go about a mile or two more per hour with the same amount of power going down the road. Yup. They are also safer going around corners and brake better too-more rubber on the road. You run them will fewer pounds of pressure. And for some reason that I can't explain, these seem to go up hills better-they are reasonably light, and when you push going uphill they smooth out the road and make it seem easier.

Make sure you have the clearance on you bike for a larger tire-clincher rims with wider internal sizes will make your tires larger....25 cm tires balloon out to about 27 cm.

I have a box and can ship by BikeFlights (FREE SHIPPING TO US). Please send me a private message for more information. These were used (quite happily) on a Trek Domane. Photos soon.

From the website:
What is Ardennes Plus? In a few words, it’s our award-winning Ardennes… plus some awesome.

The Ardennes Plus takes what the Ardennes did – and does it better. Rim width grew from 23mm to 25mm. A new rim extrusion means that the wheels are still incredibly light. Lateral stiffness has gone up, while the smooth ride quality got an extra layer of buttery smoothness.

Ardennes Plus is offered in several versions. Ardennes Black is the top-of-the-line with outstanding Turbine Braking Technology and all-black appearance. SL swaps out for CNC machined braking surfaces, but keeps the high-end spokes, bearings, and overall construction. LT has slightly heavier hub shells and spokes than SL, but with all of the quality you expect from Hed. CL is the burly-and-classic do-it-all version, with traditional flange hubs and lacing to tackle your next gravel race or cobblestone-laden road.

All are compatible with tubeless or tube-type tires, and can be built with a Powertap rear hub for those that wish. We also offer the SL version with disc-brake compatible hubs and rims.

Ardennes Plus – for when you want a wheel to get the job done, no questions asked.
Tubeless Ready Clincher
Rim Depth: 24.5 mm
Rim Width: 25 mm
Internal Rim Width: 21 mm
Braking Surface: Standard CNC alloy
Recommended Brake Pad: Standard Alloy Pad
Hub Model: HED Sonic Traditional
Hub Compatibility: Shimano 9, 10, 11
Spoke Type: Bladed Steel
Wheel Size: 700c
Wheel Set Weight: 1,635 grams
Recommended Tire Size: 22 mm +
Includes: Steel Skewers, Can be run tubeless

03-07-2017, 08:43 AM
These pictures were taken with a flash, in person the hubs, rims, spokes, and skewers are all more matt black. Rear skewer is included, but it's in a box I have to get out.....

Note, the spokes are bladed, so when you go fast you really go fast! Also, it looks like from the pictures with a flash that the lettering may be slightly reflective. I may be wrong on the reflective part, so correct me if that's the case.

These photos are of the wheels before I washed them down a little.

03-07-2017, 09:12 AM
These are the identical wheels I use on my cross/gravel bike and I love them. If I had the scratch, I'd buy these as a second set. Absolutely awesome set of wheels.


p nut
03-07-2017, 10:23 AM
These have 24/28 spoke count, yes?

I'm going to try to unload my Ultegra wheels and get these.