View Full Version : FS: Crank Bros pedals SOLD

01-29-2017, 08:38 PM
You get the following, as pictured:

Eggbeater 1, fair condition, heavy use
Candy 3 (black), old, fair condition, heavy use, recently rebuilt
Candy 2 (silver), good condition, moderate use
Candy 3 (bronze), very good condition, light use
1 brand new set of cleats
2 used (poor-fair) condition sets cleats (may or may not work)

Pedals all work fine. I switched to Shimano.

$110 shipped for the lot. Paypal please.SOLD

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/EHiAA-flhP1yvHUozxvCsHS3ieRQWUKdKSDjBWBFkT7eEK9CyvCNW7pE aBqAQGuavZvTuFY0Gnkp1i0LjRgnBv1g_4OCrfok4mLk1DCB21 _IA5snTvWjCqqT9dFrvngKXjiURkS2I1nsZ5Zaw1aBqdhG898r PKfGNk6lHrhi5d-otbAtiO4Z3WUIcIwiPzVwznWxb1jqLlo48D_QU0h5KalFi11sI hbASvTEXW2EJRd3sdGdq7jrmW5cuc0A8gGevqaOEpUNjgVQnWS g7Bh5f6DXCLAp2LZ-__hVTH1H6yiKrGmgldXqEYTfEACWtO7Xjuh1qtZC34rLus6ezF XGFQHGH_iAgnYKa8V-IdsvgohWUa3ZRp-Mwt3d3lt5jYnIaDt-Pvf5PeBIFVpFVwuTENxQQoX9YD1HCz9eEVK9nmHKqo2yw5pG4N 4gy4wD07EwbxwqvJOo1liLKiPs018r31mKjZB1oVIGAjXHBtAh lVW9R1gVoic8FhpArNg5c8ReoX2mVXGiqg5P-DEgymbvBwVxu-cTkEfPiEvvw40gkUXbV4Ng57CYf_D1STZ8I0PBBOhvATVA8cMb AsjLUcvBiLrhCErFkcLuPDle4lNKnSZcJUgrGcaIcx4tejRM5_ ML5Hq6LMQrCkFqKH-STlyJSKE3AFhWNvsSg-p4p8O-wg=w1200-h900-no

01-29-2017, 08:52 PM
I'd take those bronze Candys if you decide to part out.

01-29-2017, 09:16 PM
Have received several requests for just the bronze Candys. Thanks for the interest but prefer to sell as the lot if I can.

01-30-2017, 02:02 AM
Interested in the lot. PM sent.