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07-29-2006, 08:53 PM
I went out for a ride today and because a road is closed and when I went around the barriers a few days ago several burly construction workers attempted to stop me and I was going 40 miles an hour down the hill at the time so it would have been a bad experience for everybody I went a road some pals and I went down the other evening but I screwed up and went way out of my way by turning left when I should have kept going on ahead and added many miles to the ride which ended up being what I wanted to do anyway and the ride was great because I saw a deer at the top of one hill but it sucked because I missed seeing a bear by maybe a minute or two according to a very excited lady I saw walking along "Bear! Bear!" she said and I said "Excuse me?" not having heard her well and she said "It was a bear! There!" so I of course had to say "Where, bear?" but she didn't get it and say "There bear" but inside I was saying "Crap! It must have been a big dog" because I was quite pissed I missed the bear by that little and then I was getting drinks in a store when three or four kids walked in and bought sodas and stuff and asked where there was a diner they didn't know the area because they were from away and going to a big concert at the Indian Lookout County Club and the one kid had blue jeans where the waistband was down around mid-thigh and red plaid boxers so it reminded me of nothing more than one of those baboons with the red asses and I started to chuckle but then I looked down at myself and wondered what the hell I had to say about looking funny.

07-29-2006, 08:57 PM
jack kerouac, atmo
sounds like a good ride to me... barely